About Els Ceulemans

Els Ceulemans is a painter, but also other media like installations and especially printings and drawings are an important part of her oeuvre.

The central theme in her most recent work is about relationships and/or motherhood.

  • The starting point is autobiographic, although there is always a link with social/current events.
  • The work is figurative but not necessarily narrative.
  • It suggest a story, although what is being told does not exactly correspond to actual facts or meanings, because she brings together existing, recognizable elements in a new context.
  • In that way, thoughts, visions and emotions becomes visualised.

Therefore, the artist uses metaphors. Thus, in the most recent work, woman’s hair is a metaphor for togetherness or for protection, then again for oppression …

  • The figurative aspect of the works prompts at first a sense of recognition.
  • However, minor interventions or an unusual combination of images question this first impression.
  • The sense of recognition is partially replaced by a feeling of confusion or uneasiness.